I am a singer-songwriter who plays a variety of styles from old-time folk, country and blues to contemporary jazz and world dance music. I am also a member of many bands.Right now I am working with Darcy North in Fromage Chaud. We are having a blast playing everything from polkas to tangos with a slice of the blues between them. Please check out my music.

If you want lessons or if you want to book me for a gig or as a studio musician, please contact me.

Linda ViolinMusic Teacher:

I teach mandolin, fiddle and guitar and have done so for over 35 years.By tailoring lessons to your needs, I will teach you fundamentals of music, how to improvise, as well as showing you how to play the music you enjoy.I am an experienced teacher and performer of many musical styles. My students are delighted with their achievements.   (MORE)

Call me for lessons (403) 270-0270.



elect mando

My Electric Mandolin

– Five strings
– Two knobs
– A string bender
– And a pickup

It Is LOUD !!!!

pete Seger 1955 I added a bit to  my bio on this web site.

I took my guitar with me everywhere. It attracted other musicians. In my last year of high school I went to visit a “ham” radio friend at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire.  We went to a coffee shop on a bitterly cold night. In came Pete Seger with his banjo, and, we, along with one other customer and the owner got a private concert.
On the way back home from Hanover, I was playing my guitar in a train car when a man sat down next to me and introduced himself. It was a country singer whose name I recognised from the radio. I got to play and sing all the way back with Red Foley.

I just finished posting another segment in my bio on this web site. cream
2014-02-08The gig at a A ROOM FULL OF SOUND concert in Okotoks United Church was fantastic. We should get some good videos out of it. We will keep you informed.Thank you to the MC, Bruce Innes, our host, Rick Harding, the curuch ladies of Okotoks  United Church for the incredible homecooked meal and to the incredible crew of Channel 10 for turning the church into a most remarkable sound stage.Copy (2) of IMG_2791
  January 20, 2014  Thanks everyone for coming to the Vendome last night to hear us. Thursday night music in our hood is is needed. Thanks Vendome people.  Here is ACCORDION BOOGIE by Charles Magnante.
 January 14, 2014 It’s done. The CD is recorded. Sounds great. Now we have to sell it. So we are asking you,loyal customers, to buy it.
Here is our version of Hungarian Dance No.5 by Johannes Brahms
 January 5, 2014  All but one tune recorded for the CD. it sounds incredible. Here is a sample. REPASZ BAND MARCH by Chales C. Sweeley.
December 14, 2013  Its Harvey’s birthday. Some people who heard us today might want to hire us as a lounge act and for corprate functions.  … more later.
December 1, 2013  What a night at the Powderhorn Last night. Totally packed all night: loud, loud, loud and fun, fun, fun
November 27, 2013 We have 2 tunes recorded and 1 mastered for the Fromage Chaud‘s cd .
Novemnber 1, 2013 Darcy North and I  are working on a Fromage Chaud cd.