Fromage Chaud

Linda Kitchin and Darcy North

Linda is a dazzling string player, playing the mandolin, violin and guitar as well as sings. Darcy is a virtuoso accordion musician and together they are an excellent choice for any event.IMG_2581

Fromage Chaud is very busy. Just look at their schedule.  They have playied at the Beakerhead Festival at the Centre for the Performing Arts and the Elemental Table, The Chinese Downtown Street Festival, various clubs and cafes, numerous private parties, corporate events, weddings and other venues where they perform an incredible repertoire of world beat, dance, jazz, and blues.2014-01-24 DropInCentre

Linda and Darcy have known each other for many years. They played together in “Take the Oy Train” and “Sheer Musica” and decided to form “Fromage Chaud” in 2013.

Linda has played in “Stealth”, a Celtic band, “Roots and Boots”, a country folk and western band, “The Amazing Kitchin Band” and “Conor’s revenge”, folk Celtic fusion bands.

Darcy has worked in Dance Calgary’s “Orquestra Libertango” and  Arthur Lapp’s “German Knights”.

Here you’ll find the talent, versatility, charm and one great show

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Fromage chaud 2013-08-07 chinatownLinda Kitchin's photo.

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